Does Your Copy Need an Audit?

I help entrepreneurs and small-business owners review and improve their copy so that their customers say “Yes! I’ll Buy!

Make Your Copy More Convincing

What Is a Copy Audit?

Do you have copy written, but you’re not sure it’s as good as you want it to be? Or you know it’s not as good as you want it to be?

Or do you have copy that you like but want someone with a trained eye to review?

Or maybe you even have copy written by a professional copywriter, but something isn’t working.

In a copy audit, I’ll review your copy, offering both big-picture and line-by-line analysis to show you ways to improve your copy.

An audit helps ensure that your copy is clear, clean, compelling, and ready to convert.

Why a Copy Audit?

My dad is a CPA, and my brother went into accounting as well. I knew in high school that I didn’t want to work with numbers every day—I prefer words. But the concepts of accounting were passed along and made sense to me.

As tax season turned into auditing season, my dad went from town to town, bank to bank, business to business, to review their books and make sure their accounting had been done properly and was in the best shape it could be.

That same idea appeals to me as a copywriter. While I enjoy writing copy from start to finish, I also know how valuable it can be to have a second set of trained eyes review copy.

What Most Copywriters Won’t Tell You

Have you ever read a sales page and noticed errors? Misspelled words, punctuation mistakes, copy that doesn’t flow?

Many high-dollar copywriters won’t tell you this: they have their own copy read dozens of times by outside readers and professional editors and proofreaders. But they often don’t do this with the copy they write for you. They have an overconfidence in their own ability to edit and proofread—with your copy, but not with their own.

Any editor (and copywriter) worth their fee will tell you that editing and proofreading is a critical part of the process.

And professional editors will tell you that your own writing is by far the most difficult to edit and proofread. Especially if it’s on a tight schedule.

Why You Can Trust Me

Have you felt the displeasure of reading sales and marketing copy you’ve spent time and money on and saying, “No, that doesn’t sound like me” or “Ugh, this isn’t right at all.”

Has a copywriter you hired said they could capture your voice but returned generic copy full of cliches or other phrases you wouldn’t say?

For more than fifteen years, I’ve helped individuals and small businesses say “Yes, that’s it! That’s the writing I want!”

I’ve apprenticed under renowned copywriter Ray Edwards and have earned a Ray Edwards International (REI) Certified Copywriter designation. This means that I’ve gotten Ray’s training and he’s reviewed and approved my writing (and I follow the REI code of conduct).

Here’s what Ray says about certified copywriters:

“Receiving an REI CC designation is a holistic decision I make for each individual, based on my personal interactions, their responsiveness to assignments, and their ability to write words that sell. . . . You can expect my Certified Copywriters to write good copy consistently, deliver work assignments on time, and produce expert services.”

In addition to being certified, I’ve also worked on client project for Inklings, the REI digital agency.

And I’ve been a copyeditor and proofreader for major publishers for nearly 15 years.

The copy audit is a perfect way to combine these skills to turn your copy from disappointing to giving you record-breaking sales

Services I Offer


When you just want good copy written by a trained pro.

Copy Audit

Have someone with a trained eye review your copy for strengths and weaknesses. You’ll receive marked-up copy that shows you what could use improvement—but also what’s good and needs emphasized even more.

Day-Long Intensive

Sometimes, sprints—short times of intense focus—work better. In these sessions, we take a full day to work on your copy.

Content Strategy

Figure out how much and what kind of content you should be posting.


Ensure that the copy you’ve already written is optimized for sales. You’ll receive copy that has been through a professional edit and proofreading to make sure mistakes don’t lead to missed sales.

“Jeremy worked for us for several years at Baker Publishing Group in several capacities, performing well in all of them. He was a valued member of our team, and I recommend him enthusiastically for all of the varied services he is now offering.”
—James Ernest, current Editor in Chief, Eerdmans Publishing Company
“Perfect—you really have a gift! Thank you Jeremy!”
—Kelly Brogan, MD

Let’s Get Started

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PS: Why I Write Copy—And How That Helps You

Copywriting is not just a way to get people to buy something—it’s not designed to benefit only you.

Copywriting is a proven method of showing people an alternative future that results from taking action right now.

That’s why I write and edit. It’s a way to combine creativity and proven methods to help people live better lives.

Let’s work together to show people how you’re the right person to make that happen.